A graduate of Rollins College with a degree in Environmental Studies, Courtney completed month-long field research projects in Ecuador and Vietnam, as well as a senior honors thesis on recycling and waste reduction. After graduating, she worked for the Florida Department of Transportation where she helped commuters “rethink” how they get to work, and later as an urban planner for the local school district.

Courtney is interested in a career of sustainable urban development and placemaking, and hopes this journey sheds light on the opportunities facing developers, governments, and community builders to create places for people. 



During his tenure at Rollins College, Andrew started a student-run urban farm on campus; worked at a local nature preserve fighting invasive plants; and completed a degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development. Post-graduation, he apprenticed on an organic farm in Maine, and later, worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as a project manager, overseeing improvements to public lands throughout the state.

As photographer for The Homage Project, Andrew aims to encourage critical conversations about the spaces we build and inhabit.


Contributing writers


Trevor Conley

After graduating from Rollins College where he studied environmental planning, Trevor interned with Walt Disney Imagineering's large-scale land acquisition and preservation team. He currently works in site development and will attend the University of Pennsylvania in 2019 as a graduate student in city and regional planning.


Meggan Davis

Meggan studied International Environmental Studies, Sustainability, and Economics at the George Washington University. She works for the city of Washington, DC reducing the environmental impact of schools, recreation centers, and other public buildings. 

As a contributing writer for The Homage Project, Meggan explores how architectural history, people-centered spaces, and green building overlap in real places.